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CIM Induction

CIM Induction


CIM – Contractor Induction Management

Normally there is no support for evidence and storing or searching induction history. This clearly has an impact on safety standards and further compromises the Trusts’ position to be able to produce evidence of a clear and concise approach to ensure all contracted personnel have gone through the mandatory induction process in case of an accident.


Why you should consider using CIM?

  • Saves time spent by Estates supervisors in training contractors
  • Safeguarding accident issues/claims
  • Evidence of every induction stored for compliance
  • Provides reports and certified documents of every induction
  • Automatic reminders for future induction dates with contractors
  • Automated SMS and emails sent to contractors and Estates on every completed induction
  • CIM includes a course building engine and module content enhanced by images
  • Contractors can participate in an induction from anywhere for total flexibility
  • Work Permit management


The CIM solution is cost effective, extremely easy to implement within the Trust and requires no additional hardware.

For a demonstration or to find out more, call:
0333 577 7779 or email: