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Recent News


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MAPLE - Meal Ordering Solution

Meal ordering solution that really delivers a fantastic patient experience. MAPLE is a highly patient centric, comprehensive turn-key solution to make meal ordering appealing, fun, informative and efficient using a Mobile Tablet. This innovation is the first of its kind within the NHS in the UK. It is designed to improve nutritional and clinical provision for patients. This in turn could also lead to cost reduction in the service.


ATOM - Patient Transport Management

ATOM is an interactive software solution working in the hospital’s own network to maintain control over the hospital ambulance and taxi operational management. It is designed to promote Good Practice relating to Green Initiatives, Transport planning, Waste Management and Cost Awareness within the Trust. Using ATOM to manage transport in your Trust can help reduce costs, improve productivity and create a visible audit trail.


AUDITOR - Cleaning Audit Solution

Auditor is a modern hospital cleaning audit solution designed for flexibility, easy of use, speed and accuracy. The system is based on the 49+ elements and scoring methodology stipulated by the NHS National Specification. Auditor utilises the latest technology in mobile application design using the Android platform with cloud hosting.


CIM - Contractor Induction System

Managing induction and keeping track of work permits for contractors each day, simply and quickly can be challenging in a busy Estates Department. The CIM software solution was developed to help the Trust Estates Departments provide an easy to use and an interactive method for facilitation of induction for all contractors and keep track of work permits from a central repository.


OCR - OnCall Rota System

Most Trust personnel operate a paper system to manage rosters for wards and departments. Due the amount for work involved in keeping the roster up to date and the many man hours required to keep it well organised, it is beneficial to have an electronic equivalent.


Asbestos Course - Online Training Course

This is aimed at making the candidates aware of the dangers associated with exposure to airborne asbestos fibers through unknowingly coming into contact with asbestos materials. This course is not designed to train you to work with any asbestos containing materials (ACM’s)