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Arthritis Healthcare Portal

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Arthritis Healthcare Portal

Taking medicines as intended is difficult for everybody, and can be especially challenging for young people. The aim of this project was to help and understand experiences of young people in medication and how they can be helped in the future.

To achieve this, a simple and secure website was developed where Young people were  able to record ‘on-line blogs’ of their daily lives and challenges in taking their medication for arthritis and their interaction with pharmacies for advice.

Up to 50 young people were recruited to participate in the project, each providing feedback for up to two months.


Research Workshop

A workshop was carried out with Ambinet and a team of Young People, the participants were from the ages of 12yrs to 19yrs.

The aim was to capture the thoughts, feedback and interests of the participants in the group.


Solution & Features for Participants

There are two participant types:

  • Young person (With the arthritis condition)
  • Parent of the Young person above

To keep the system simple and easy to use, the participant control panel has an option for the parents to access the system.