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ATOM – Advanced transport Management

Generally the request for any transport may come from anywhere within the hospital, through a phone call or a simple form that is filled in. This request filters through to Facilities and is then ordered.  This process does not allow for monitoring or production of relevant reports that can be used to accurately record transport activity, view standard of service, analysis of usage, transport costs and record the carbon footprint for the Trust.


Why you should consider using ATOM?

  • Instant quote generator to calculate a journey cost incurred by the ward or department.
  • Transmission of all requests recorded and automatically sent to Administration.
  • Improved service with the correct journey data sent to the transport provider.
  • The ability to audit journey information instantly.
  • Centralised control and management
  • Rich management reports reviewing transport trends, usage and wasted journeys.
  • Carbon Footprint of each booking recorded.
  • Cost comparisons capability with service provider invoices.
  • Out of hours booking with reception module

Discover how this solution can help reduce your transport costs, reduce wasted journeys and maintain control over Trust transport

For a demonstration or to find out more, call:
0333 577 7779 or email: