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Data Management System

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Data Management System

The organisation has 160 localised branches distributed throughout the UK, which are responsible for many thousands of individual members who subscribe to the CWU. These branches also require access to the central database system to retrieve, modify or archive information regarding their members.


Data Loading Application

The DLA is a flexible tool for managing incoming data files in the CSV format and updating the Integra Database.

  • It provides a facility to import any text based CSV File
  • DLA intelligently parse the headers and allow the user to select which fields will be used.
  • DLA reads the CSV file and formulates a look-up table view for the user to provide a simple check of the data
  • Allows the user to graphically select the pre-index Integra tables
  • Provides full update reporting facility
  • Allows Roll back functionality for all data updates by at least 3 steps
  • Generates exceptions where discrepancies have been encountered and allow the user to make changes
  • Backup all updated fields into DLA’s own tables for user viewing and reporting
  • Allows auto email facility for all reports via a web link for remote viewing