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Electronic Meal Ordering

Maple provides an easy to use touch screen interface for Ward Nurses, Patients and Healthcare Assistants. It allows patients of all ages to be independent and more involved in the food they choose. A Ward to ward and ward to kitchen messaging system is provided to save time. MAPLE uses modern Samsung Android devices, on the hospital WiFi Guest Network, making it easy to install with no Trust IT involvement.

Why you should consider using MAPLE?

  • A seamless easy to use solution from Ward level to the Kitchen
  • Visual imagery of all meals
  • Allergy information for each meal
  • Nutritional data for each meal
  • Improves patient meal ordering experience
  • Better perceived choice of meals
  • Complete cyclic menu management
  • Updating of menu items in an instant
  • Built in Dietitians interface to control selective patient menus
  • Historical data of meals ordered by patients
  • Picking sheets for every meal time at a click of a button
  • Ward Issues and Catering top ups
  • A collection of management reports to control costs
  • Waste Management

We are committed to providing excellence in the deployment and support of Maple – Electronic Meal Ordering Solution  

For a demonstration or to find out more, call:
0333 577 7779 or email: