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Children’s Centre Data Mapping

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Children’s Centre Data Mapping

Outreach Live is predominantly used by the centre to visually map locations of children who are or may be potential users of the facilities provided by the Children Centre for more streamlined and effective marketing. It also provides easier management of these activities by keeping notes, appointments and other simple yet essential information about the child.

The system has the following features:

  • High level of security for system access
  • Single secure login user for each CC
  • Sub user logins set up by admin in the system
  • Full 256 bit data encryption at database table level



  • Ability to edit information and add new information to previous records
  • Entry of new data not previously attained
  • Live maps with child locations which can zoom in to street level
  • Colour coded data presentation on all maps for:-
  • All children at all postcodes
  • Currently live data – i.e. children registered at CC, Contacted, Visited or Potenstial
  • Allow Making Appointments for outreach visits
  • Ability to send SMS to parents
  • Facilities being used in the CC for that child
  • Teacher and class allocation
  • Keeping a complete historical record (notes) for each child and visit
  • Report of upcoming appointments
  • Report of Facilities most used and not used
  • Report of clusters in areas based on data sources
  • Report of activity (Live, Contacted etc)
  • Ofstead report generator