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Gas & Electric Meter Auditing

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Gas & Electric Meter Auditing

 This proposal details a brief summary of the requirements and the proposed solution for carrying out live audits using a predesigned software solution to provide data for gas and electric meters. It is understood that the energy industry is going through smart meter implementation due to government legislation.


The business facts are understood to be as follows:

  • The change in smart metering drive is government lead, hence it is secure
  • The energy companies are required to fit over 40 million meters in the UK
  • It is estimated that approx 20% of those meters will require to be audited
  • The auditing is carried out as WIP (Work in Progress) or PC (Post completion)
  • It is noted that the ‘audit market’ already has established companies providing this service, however, due to this large scale operation, it makes a good business case to provide an efficient auditing service with added value
  • It is noted that there are very limited software tools available to carry out audits
  • The data required by the energy companies needs to be collated and organised
  • It would be valuable for the energy companies to have access to the audit information as soon as possible after the audit and allow for automated reporting of results. This is achievable through an automated software system
  • The current explosion in TABLET technology and wide availability of WIFI makes it more possible to implement a solution that is cost effective and easier to operate

In short, the business case for implementing a software/Hardware solution that allows for efficient transfer of audit data, consequent reporting and instant access to the energy company (client) is clear. It will provide ‘an edge’ over the competing service providers and create efficiency in the processes at SAFE ADUIT, whilst reducing costs in the long term by minimising back office functions.