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6000+ Online Inductions completed for the Health & Safety of all Contractors working at Westgate, Oxford.

The Health and Safety Induction is a mandatory and a legal requirement for all personnel working on the construction site. The online induction solution is designed to allow contractors to undertake their Corporate and Site specific inductions remotely.


The portal can be accessed using a PC or a Laptop at any place convenient to the Contractor/Visitor

  • At Home
  • At the Office
  • Net Café
  • Library

The induction is a multimedia presentation that has a wealth of information comprising of narrated slides, videos, sound and maps focusing on the health and safety of all contractors and visitors on site.


The Benefits of the Solution

  • Delivering a paperless, engaging and mobile solution for health and safety, anywhere at anytime.
  • Better solution for the security and well being of personnel on site through automated verification.
  • All personnel fully registered and their records accessible at anytime.
  • Health and safety induction tailored to specific areas of work on site, making it more relevant to personnel working in that area.
  • Conquering language barriers with visual images and videos for on-site education, welfare, access and site hazards.
  • Full track and trace facility in case of accidents.
  • Considerable impact on cost saving and man hours for both the principal contractor and subcontractors.


All Contractors are automatically verified by the system through a LIVE link to the CITB verification portal




Taking medicines as intended is difficult for everybody, and can be especially challenging for young people. The aim of this project was to help and understand experiences of young people in medication and how they can be helped in the future.

To achieve this, a simple and secure website was developed where Young people were  able to record ‘on-line blogs’ of their daily lives and challenges in taking their medication for arthritis and their interaction with pharmacies for advice.

Up to 50 young people were recruited to participate in the project, each providing feedback for up to two months.


Research Workshop

A workshop was carried out with Ambinet and a team of Young People, the participants were from the ages of 12yrs to 19yrs.

The aim was to capture the thoughts, feedback and interests of the participants in the group.


Solution & Features for Participants

There are two participant types:

  • Young person (With the arthritis condition)
  • Parent of the Young person above

To keep the system simple and easy to use, the participant control panel has an option for the parents to access the system.

The organisation has 160 localised branches distributed throughout the UK, which are responsible for many thousands of individual members who subscribe to the CWU. These branches also require access to the central database system to retrieve, modify or archive information regarding their members.


Data Loading Application

The DLA is a flexible tool for managing incoming data files in the CSV format and updating the Integra Database.

  • It provides a facility to import any text based CSV File
  • DLA intelligently parse the headers and allow the user to select which fields will be used.
  • DLA reads the CSV file and formulates a look-up table view for the user to provide a simple check of the data
  • Allows the user to graphically select the pre-index Integra tables
  • Provides full update reporting facility
  • Allows Roll back functionality for all data updates by at least 3 steps
  • Generates exceptions where discrepancies have been encountered and allow the user to make changes
  • Backup all updated fields into DLA’s own tables for user viewing and reporting
  • Allows auto email facility for all reports via a web link for remote viewing

Outreach Live is predominantly used by the centre to visually map locations of children who are or may be potential users of the facilities provided by the Children Centre for more streamlined and effective marketing. It also provides easier management of these activities by keeping notes, appointments and other simple yet essential information about the child.

The system has the following features:

  • High level of security for system access
  • Single secure login user for each CC
  • Sub user logins set up by admin in the system
  • Full 256 bit data encryption at database table level



  • Ability to edit information and add new information to previous records
  • Entry of new data not previously attained
  • Live maps with child locations which can zoom in to street level
  • Colour coded data presentation on all maps for:-
  • All children at all postcodes
  • Currently live data – i.e. children registered at CC, Contacted, Visited or Potenstial
  • Allow Making Appointments for outreach visits
  • Ability to send SMS to parents
  • Facilities being used in the CC for that child
  • Teacher and class allocation
  • Keeping a complete historical record (notes) for each child and visit
  • Report of upcoming appointments
  • Report of Facilities most used and not used
  • Report of clusters in areas based on data sources
  • Report of activity (Live, Contacted etc)
  • Ofstead report generator


Ambinet provides 5000+ remote inductions within 12 weeks for contractors working at Grand Central Birmingham.


Ambinet was contracted to design and develop a fully managed Remote Induction Software Solution to facilitate Birmingham New Street Redevelopment Project’s Tenant Fit Out Personnel Remote Site Induction for MACE.


The solution consists of 4 comprehensive interconnected modules to facilitate each user type:

  • Remote Inductions Module
  • Employer Module
  • Site Security Module
  • Principal Contractor Module


Our bespoke system is purpose built for you to allow all contractors to undertake their statutory induction remotely without the need for any in-house training.

  • The solution demonstrates statutory compliance
  • Saves time spent by your company supervisors training contractors
  • Safeguarding accident issues/claims
  • Evidence of every induction stored for compliance
  • Photographic evidence of each contractor taking the induction
  • Automated historical records for all inductions
  • Provides a host of reports of every induction
  • Provides security checks on entrance to site
  • Comprehensive video tutorials for all users

 This proposal details a brief summary of the requirements and the proposed solution for carrying out live audits using a predesigned software solution to provide data for gas and electric meters. It is understood that the energy industry is going through smart meter implementation due to government legislation.


The business facts are understood to be as follows:

  • The change in smart metering drive is government lead, hence it is secure
  • The energy companies are required to fit over 40 million meters in the UK
  • It is estimated that approx 20% of those meters will require to be audited
  • The auditing is carried out as WIP (Work in Progress) or PC (Post completion)
  • It is noted that the ‘audit market’ already has established companies providing this service, however, due to this large scale operation, it makes a good business case to provide an efficient auditing service with added value
  • It is noted that there are very limited software tools available to carry out audits
  • The data required by the energy companies needs to be collated and organised
  • It would be valuable for the energy companies to have access to the audit information as soon as possible after the audit and allow for automated reporting of results. This is achievable through an automated software system
  • The current explosion in TABLET technology and wide availability of WIFI makes it more possible to implement a solution that is cost effective and easier to operate

In short, the business case for implementing a software/Hardware solution that allows for efficient transfer of audit data, consequent reporting and instant access to the energy company (client) is clear. It will provide ‘an edge’ over the competing service providers and create efficiency in the processes at SAFE ADUIT, whilst reducing costs in the long term by minimising back office functions.